Thursday, March 22, 2007

Off to Yuma

I have to go to a wedding in Yuma this weekend. Yuma is a small town in Arizona near the border of Mexico. My girlfriend grew up there, and 2 of her best friends who still live there are getting married, so this will be the first of two weekend trips out there. I am not looking forward to this, for two main reasons:
1. I hate small talk. I hate a lot of things, but small talk definitely ranks among the things I hate most. Small talk, especially with strangers, is pure torture for me.
2. I have to wear brown pants. I hate wearing brown pants because they are constricting and uncomfortable. I especially hate wearing brown pants when I'm told that I have to wear them because everyone else is doing it.

To be fair, my girlfriend said I can get as drunk as I want to, and she's taking us to the Suns/Kings game tonight, so I can't really complain. Also, her dad will be at the wedding, so I'll be able to get stoned with him. From what I've heard, these western cowboys really like to party it up, so who knows, it might even end up being a good time. At any rate, this weekend is sure to be an interesting and new experience for me. You can expect a full report on Monday.


bob said...


In light of your recent lamentations regarding what you consider to be a lack of readership, I want to inform you that I, one of your steady and dedicated readers, could not be more psyched to read about your happenings at the wedding on the border.

Weddings tend to be venues in which people find ways to bring up latent issues in their lives. Perhaps they voice their anxieties about their relationship to their partner, admit to past adultery, reveal thier secret yet burning love to a best friend or an ex. Something about the magnitude of the event seems to foster this phenomenon. Weddings breed drama.

Jones said...

Please come to my 4/20 gallery show. i would really like u to be there, this is as important to me as my own wedding